Friday, 15 June 2012

Am Back

Due to change in Circumstances and life changes I have been deserting my blogging and crafting :(

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year All

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Hoping 2009 brings youi lots of happiness and good health!

I am planning my 30th birthday very scary but cant do nowt about it! its gonna happen, ive loads planned well 3 events actually, me and friends and are going to the cavery for my birthday meal! cant complain as 5.00 get you a drink and main meal and believe me the plates are stacked full and u r fit for bursting adfterwards! cheap and cheerful thats me! the best bit will be spending it with my close friends! Hands of the gammon people its mine!

On the 24th January, I am planning on going up to Aviemore to see the Husky Sledge run and am also going sledging I am such a big kid at heart but it will be so much fun! My partner and one of my friends is hoping to go snow boarding whilst im not that adventours and am sticking to the sledging hoping my doggy can come too she will love it.

we have been lots of places with her she just loves being out, we were at haperigg reservoir on the A70 at the kirknewton and harbun junction and seen the most glorious frozen reservoir! had to go back the next day with my Daddy camera and take pictures x

Rollo has gotten so big and so affectionate! shes grown more than double the size and double in weight she certainly gonna be one big puppy!!!

the dogs having there christmas dinner!

Friday, 28 November 2008

well ive started christmas shopping

It took a while but i had already bought a few bits and thought I was doing well
but then gave up, to make matters worse I hate crowds and get furstrated, We were in marks and spencers last week as my boyfriend was getting measured for a suit,(his bday present from his parents)I have been seeing him for 8 years nearly and have never seen him in a suit,:) had to leave them as the crowds were horrendous so I took my self to the disney store where I was fine.

I went to Glasgow and livingston and came home with nowt but toys for me puppy! oops
I then decided my safest bet would be to shOp on line and was sucessful for few things
thankfully they send to dofferent adresses so my dads recieving my mums and will wrap it for me.

night mare all round never mind!! it will be sorted soon I have made my christmas cards so thats a good thing.

My partner and I have aleady had our christmas present from his parents and she is adoreable, she is a choclate labadore,(The photos were from last week when she was 7 weeks old) only taken me 8 years to pursuade him we wanted a doggy, he hates the puppy stage and says its hard work, but she getting better as she going 4/5 hours instead of 2 to get out in the garden at night, she will get there eventually, even planning on taking her to puppy training classes once she has had her jags and can go out properlly,

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Its all go....................

well recently I've had shifts coming out of my ears, its been a bit touch and go the last few weeks but picking up slowly thats the NHS for you though.

I did have a few jobs for my photography and have just got the photos back for the clients so getting them delevered and out of the way........

I was at the cinema again for my friends birthday she wanted to go and see James Bond which definatley wasnt my kind of film but i went as thats what she wanted to do and we also went for an all u can eat chinese which was so yummy

this years fireworks we were at Falkirk's Callendar park which had about 5000 people there. so my partner and me uncle stood at the quiet bit and my partner took the photos as i didnt have room to swing a cat yet alone set my tripod up etc etc, we were entertained by the macdonald bros but could hardly hear what they singing. never mnind thanks to Paul for taking them

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Halloween 08

We had our usual party and it went well, I always panic that it anit gonna work out but always does, we certainly had a few turn up and had a great time i even found my tinkerbell dress at last minute making didnt go to plan, thanks to katrina for lending me the shoes much appreciated!!!

Ive even scrapped my pages already and did them digitaly! I have one more to do either at Angelas crop next week we will see if i have time before hand to do it or not!

as usual the boys didnt dress up but never mind thats them all over they came as themselves next yer will be different

leaving you with some photos from halloween and also the pages ive done

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bryan Adams 27th October 2008

After buying the tickets away back in May it seemed liked agaes away that his concert was! so when October arrived i was mortified as time had flown by so quickly! now its only 3 months till im the big scary 30 but never mind lots planned!

We were at The Byan Adams tour promoting his latest album 11, we were standing and although we were late getting there we still managed to get one from the front row so of course I was in my eleament and was so excitied when he came to the edge of the stage! oh boy if i was that wee bit taller i couldve touched him!
my friend fiona aboustley loved him and knew more songs than she thought and my neighbour who wasnt really a fan came along anyway and had a ball theyve both put there names down for next time:) Its also the only concert that my partner comes with me too. which I must apologise too as we were taking the micky out of him for not dancing or getting excited never mind thanks Paul for taking us mad girlies, and I apologise for giving you a head ache.

Faskally 24/10/2008

Due to unforseen circumstances I couldnt go with Linda but really wanted to go as I loved it last year! my friend Fiona managed to get last minute tickets for the 24th but at 9pm! anyways we went and had a great time,despite the heavy rain it was still good we just went prepared in our wellies. the theme this year was a journey through space I was a little disapointed as after watching the 530 show on ITV they did a coverage there and showed us a space ship coming out of the water which never happened. never mind I also felt there was more to see last year and had wee fountains coming out of the wee lake where this year they never.

my friend was so amazed at our glow stick we get to go round the forest! we were just mad happy girlies no wonder my partner gets a headache when me and fiona get together we never shut up :)

I think the Aliens got to pauls head as he was photographing them but trying to tell me they were real i dont think so

thanks Fiona for getting the tickets x